Winemaker Domenica Totty crafts our wines with an eye toward capturing each varietal in its truest form. Marrying site-specific varieties with Sonoma’s legendary terroir, she translates the distinct characteristics of the land in every sip.


A Sonoma County native, winemaker Domenica Totty values a sense of place in the glass.

She grew up in the eclectic, agricultural town of Sebastopol, where the apple orchards were slowly replanted to vineyards throughout her childhood. A natural aptitude for both science and creative expression sparked a lifelong passion for winemaking.

After earning her degree in fermentation science from the University of California at Davis and spending a harvest at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma, Domenica joined the winemaking team at Beaulieu Vineyard in Napa Valley, where she remained for nearly 20 years.

Taking the reins at Folie à Deux has been a homecoming of sorts for Domenica. She relishes the opportunity to uncover the nuances of each region and then showcase those terroir-driven characteristics in the glass. The result is a collection of wines that speak to the unmatched diversity of Sonoma County.

“When you taste a glass of Folie à Deux, you get a glimpse of what it’s like to walk the vineyard rows during harvest. Each sip offers a sense of place.”

~ Domenica Totty